Final Issue

A Final Farewell …


The passing of years have brought many changes in my life, but none more challenging then what lies ahead: My beloved sister and only sibling continues to battle a terminal illness; my husband retired after 25 years of service as a Police Officer; and the youngest of my three children enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. All of these things gave me great clarity about where I believed I am needed most.


After careful and thoughtful consideration, I decided that it was time to cease publishing The Ridgeback Register magazine. This final issue is a celebration of an incredible journey that has lasted over two decades. I am thankful to all my friends and long-time supporters who are celebrating with me by being a part of this 200-page keepsake issue.


When the announcement was made last year, so many people came out with words of encouragement and wishing to support the final issue. A few, even asked about purchasing the magazine. While that would have been the financially prudent thing to do, I simply could not.


I saw my publication in the same light as a breeder does to their kennel. I had a vision and I did my best to stay true to it. I put my heart and soul into every piece of it … fine tuning, following standards and striving to better each issue produced. There were highs, there were lows and then there were very lows. When times were tough, I could have quit. I did not. I stuck it out and with generations of hard work, created a pedigree that none could ever replicate. To let someone buy it and expect that my vision would continue is foolish. So instead, I chose to close the doors and let the legacy of the publication’s quality be remembered forever.


Shortly after, it was time to select the cover. How best could I represent what this magazine has meant to me? What Ridgeback, if any, should be on the very last cover? Then it came to me. Select a Ridgeback using a favored quote from the standard – “the perfect balance between power and elegance.” It does, after all, also represent the philosophy behind the magazine’s success. I am honored to have Pearl (MBISS GCHG Juba Lee’s Island Girl, JC, CGC), a beautiful bitch on the last cover.


Rest assured, however, I am not disappearing from the breed. I am simply downsizing in an effort to dedicate more time to family and my freelance business. I will continue to stay involved in this beloved breed and look forward to serving as a Board Member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of America. I am sure I will see many of you at shows and you can count on me to have camera in hand snapping away.


In conclusion, let me say that it has been an honor to have started, owned and published a magazine that celebrates a breed for which I love so deeply. I am forever grateful for the relationships I have made along the way.


I hope you enjoy and treasure this final keepsake issue as much as I will.


Theresa M. Lyons


The Ridgeback Register



Cover Girl



Island Girl JC CGC


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